Term 5 2019 so far

League Matches:

In the second week back at school, after the Easter holidays, we concluded our final two matches of the girl’s football league, arranged by Elite Sport Academy. We played on Monday 29th April, away, against Crowland, who had a very strong team. Unfortunately we were missing a few members from our regular team and we lost this game 7-1. We then played again on Tuesday 30th April, at home, against Spalding Primary and we won 3-2.

We are also taking part in a rounders league throughout term 5 and 6. Unfortunately our first match against Spalding Primary, at home, had to be postponed due to the rain last week. We are now looking to rearrange this before the end of this term.


Hockey- On Friday 3rd May, seven children from the Year 6 hockey club were chosen to attend the finals of the Surfleet Park hockey tournaments after-school. We played four games against Spalding Parish, St John’s, John Harrox and Wyberton Primary. We drew our first game, 0-0, against Spalding Parish. We then won, 2-0, in our second game against St John’s. After that we played against John Harrox and also won this game 2-0. In our final game against Wyberton we won 1-0. At the end of the tournament there was a presentation of results and we were presented with a lovely winners plate, made by the Doodles Pottery Painting team, for winning our league. We also had a few pictures and a great write-up in the Spalding Guardian newspaper.

Kwik Cricket- On Tuesday 7th May, ten children from Year 5 attended a Kwik Cricket tournament on the Pinchbeck football field. This tournament was arranaged by Elite Sport Academy. In the morning the children played games against Asycoughfee and Cowbit Primary Schools. After eating lunch, we were then placed in the Gold two league due to our results from the games played throughout the morning. We then played games against Eye Primary and Crowland in the hope of reaching the final against the winner from the Gold one league. Unfortunately we didn’t quite make it to the final, but the children had a fantastic day of Cricket and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


This term it is Year 5’s turn to do Interhouse, led by the Year 6 Sports Captains. The sport chosen by the Sport’s Captains this time is Lacrosse and they have come up with some great ideas, for the rules, to make the game a bit different. There are still three matches left to be played between the houses before we find out who the winner is.

Terms 3 and 4 2019

League Matches:

We have taken part in a Year 5/6 mixed netball league and a Year 5/6 girls football league throughout terms 3 and 4, both organised by Elite Sport Academy. The girls football league matches will run into term 5 due to cancellations.

Netball- Seven children were selected to play a game away at Spalding Primary school on 30th January. We won this game and then went on to play Crowland, in a rearranged fixture, at home on 29th March. This game was incredibly close and unfortunately we lost. Congratulations to Eye Primary school, who won the Netball league.

Football- Eight girls have been selected to take part in the girls football league. So far, we have played away games against Eye and St John’s and we are looking forward to playing an away game against Crowland and a home game against Spalding next week.


Hockey- On Friday 15th March, eight children from Year 6 were selected to take part in the 4th hockey tournament at Surfleet. Unfortunately tournament 3, that was scheduled for the 1st February, was cancelled due to a frozen pitch. The team were placed in one of two beginner leagues and played games against Ayscoughfee B, St John’s B, John Harrox B and Surfleet Primary. We drew two games and lost two. We look forward to the tournament finals on the 3rd May. Thank you once again for the support from parents for this event.

Tri-golf- On the 12th February, six children took part in a Year 5 and 6 tri-golf tournament at Holbeach Youth Academy Centre. The tournament was organised by Elite Sport Academy. In the morning, the children had four different activities to participate in to gain points as a team. In the afternoon, a mini golf course was set out using yellow and blue cones for bunkers and water. The children had to try and make it round the course to the finishing flag in as fewer shots as possible. At the end of the tournament the results were revealed and we had come first out of the five schools that attended. Each of the children received a gold medal and we were also given a trophy to keep in school, which has now been engraved.

Six children from Year 3 and 4 also took part in a tri-golf tournament for their age group on the 19th March. Again the tournament was held at Holbeach and was organised by Elite. The activities of the day were very similar to the previous Year 5 and 6 tournament. Eight teams attended this tournament and again when the results were announced, we discovered that we had come in first place. As before, the children were given individual gold medals and we have a trophy that will be kept in school.

Our Year 3/4 tri-golf winners



Terms 1 and 2 2018

League Matches:

Some children from Year 5 and 6 took part in a mixed football league arranged by Elite Sport Academy. We played games, a mixture of home and away, against Spalding, Monkshouse, St John’s, Eye and Crowland Primary. The children thoroughly enjoyed being part of a league and our congratulations went out to Eye Primary school who won the league cup. Thank you to parents for transporting the children to and from venues and for their support at the matches.



Eight children from the Year 6 hockey club were chosen to take part in the first of five hockey tournaments at Surfleet park on Friday 5th October. The children were placed in an intermediate league despite only having three training sessions together as a team. We played games against Gosberton Risegate, Wyberton and Eye Primary.  They played extremely well and we came third in our league overall after two losses and a draw.

On the 23rd November, a mixture of the same children and some new players attended the second hockey tournament at Surfleet. Due to having some new players who had not yet been to a tournament and the results from the previous tournament, we were placed in one of two beginner leagues this time. We played against Asycoughfee B, Wyberton, John Harrox B and Surfleet Primary. We came third in the League after losing one game and winning three.

Thank you to parents for transporting the children to and from both tournaments and for their support.


Eight boys were selected for a Year 5 and 6 boys football tournament at Holbeach Youth Academy Centre on the 9th October. The tournament was organised by Elite Sport Academy. In the morning, we played games against Eye (lost 3-0), Wygate (won 3-0) and St Bartholemews (won 3-0). We then went on to play against more teams in the afternoon after being placed in to the gold league.

Similarly, eight girls were selected to take part in a Year 5 and 6 girls football tournament. Also at Holbeach and arranged by Elite. This took place on the 16th October. During the morning, the girls played against St Bartholemews (won 2-0), and Crowland A (won 1-0). This qualified us for the gold league in the afternoon, where we reached the final against Eye Primary. Unfortunately we lost this match 2-0, but we came away with silver medals and smiles on our faces after coming second place. Our congratulations went out to Eye Primary for winning the tournament.

Year 3 and 4 boys and girls were also selected for football tournaments on November 20th and 27th. They played matches against several schools including Surfleet and Crowland Primary.


Information about extra curricular sport and clubs from Term 1 and 2


There have been a few new after school clubs on offer in Terms 1 and 2. Explorers club took place in Term 1, and we are hoping to run a few refresher sessions followed by a walk in the Lincolnshire Wolds, in Term 4 or 5, when the weather is a little better and the days a little longer.

As well as our more regular sports clubs such as Football, Netball and Hockey, we have also been able to offer more non-sports clubs as well…

The Young Voices have been practicing weekly afterschool on a Wednesday and are sounding more and more fantastic every week. They will be attending a singing competition in Birmingham in January and we wish them all the best of luck for this.

Computing club has proved to be a real hit for the children of Year 1 and 2, so much so that I had to split the sessions in to Term 1 and Term 2 due to the overwhelming response of children wanting to attend. The children have been learning lots of exciting programming skills, which will hold them in great stead for the future.

Book club has also made another appearance on the list of clubs after its huge success last year. The children have been reading and studying different texts. This will not only have inspired a passion to read regularly, but will also help the children with reading comprehension which is a vital skill needed to be a successful reader. The children that have attended Book club have also been helping to set up the new library.

Creative club, for the Green Team children, started at the beginning of Term 2. The children have been busy creating various Christmas decorations that will be sold at the Christmas fair this evening. The money raised will go towards the exciting, new developments that are taking place in the Nature Area.


Interhouse competitions have been taking place throughout Term 1 and 2, so far we have had football for Year 6 and Hockey for Year 5. The children come out on Monday and Tuesday lunchtimes to compete for their house. The house captains from Year 6 meet with me on a regular basis to decide which sport we will be doing and which rules they would like to implement. The house captains have been doing a fantastic job of organising the teams and officiating the matches…so a big well done and thank you to them.


Throughout Term 1, children from Years 5 and 6 were chosen to take part in two separate football tournaments at Holbeach Academy. The boys had a fantastic day and narrowly missed out on reaching the semi-final for their league. The girls also played excellently and managed to reach the semi-finals and came third place overall in their league. A huge well done to both teams.

Term 1 also included the first of six hockey tournaments at Surfleet Park for children in Years 5 and 6. The tournament took place on a Friday evening after school and we had lots of support from parents, so I’d like to thank all those that attended and provided transport for the children.

In Term 2, children from Years 3 and 4 were also selected and took place in separate football tournaments at Holbeach Academy. The boys’ tournament came first on the 21st November. They played well in the morning and were grouped in the silver league for the afternoon. We had an extremely exciting afternoon…they won their quarter final game and then their semi-final game. We had made it to the final of the silver league and went on to win this game as well. The girl’s tournament took place on the 28th November. The girls were grouped in the gold league after a successful morning of football. They went on to win two games in the afternoon, which put them in the final. The girl’s finished the day with a silver medal, which was well deserved after the hard work and effort that they put in to all of their games.

On Friday 24th November, children from Term2’s hockey club were selected to take part in the second tournament at Surfleet Park. The children played very well, especially considering that they had only had a couple of weeks to practice prior to the tournament taking place. Once again I would like to thank parents for their support at this tournament.